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Yaayy!!! Finally, you made it here. Could imagine how puzzled you were on seeing my blog address for the first time. Now I think its time to demystify those hazy feelingss about this blog.
Firstly, my name is Providence Ozic Ezeonye, a student of law, a fashion stylist and poet. Yea, I know it's a renegade from the normal phenomenon but trust me it's that perfect tripartite lifestyle that affords the best of experiences.
Okay, down to bussiness, most persons whom I've been privileged to  encounter, live with this mistaken belief that looking elegant entails excessive spending but that's an affirmation in the negative. Reason being that you'd still look good on that old shitty dress if its styled and worn properly. And my object is to inspire such genuiness and creativity expressive in the language of fashion and style through my fashion ideas.
More so, its never being wrong the saying that all humans are born with something special and I do very well agree too. So I'm also concerned about those persons who've got this rear specialty and yet put it away in the crazy thought that its 'shitty' (not important or relevant). The truth is the world is waiting to get inspired through that and this I'd love to express through my poems. So its time to fit into that shit and get the ball rolling. Please, do stay with me as I would appreciate your company in every step of the way.

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