This article aims at exploring to a considerable extent,the annals of fashion and its looming significance . It's no dispute, that fashion designs are reflective of time ostensibly effected by the various stages of civilization and industrialization.

  More so,the schemes and forms adopted is also informative on the culture of particular localities and surroundings. Thus, from the draped linens of Ancient Greece to the casual T-shirt and jeans of today, the evolution of clothing and style, has witnessed broadened expansion over the years. Who would have imagined that T-shirts were invented in the 19th century or that high heels was once a popular trend amongst men. Lol, time flies right? But talking about time too, it's no news especially for anyone who's observed closely the rise and fall of trends, to intuit that some trends though overriding with time, are reiterated or restored and so, there's the question,''is fashion really time bound?''There are however facts to prove the negative. For instance,early Medieval women usually wore floor-lenght tunics called 'kirtles', draped over a linen shirt or under shirt.

Also popular amongst women were headdresses made of linen which covered their hair and held in place by a headband.

 Popular fabrics were also embellished with beadings and

 These preferences in clothing has not changed.
In recent times,tunics are still worn by men and women alike. Hitherto, current releases of popular brands like GUCCI, have also re-invoked cutting-edge embroidery designs in their wares. This is also indicative of the regurgitating quality of fashion. Just to rap it all up,I strongly do feel no trend really dies even though they may low for sometime. It is therefore trite to say that fashion transcends time as well as its relevance.

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