The Little Dream Chaser...How it All Started.

A veteran teacher, once made me understand that it is trite to note your starting points or periods of little beginnings,in order to determine your level of  progress as to how far you've gone. In retrospect,i do  vividly recall a childhood where i took on a liking for clothes with nice prints and motifs. And Mum and Dad had slowly began to get used to this little boys absurd craving...yea, quite absurd for his age actually.Even though,Frantically speaking, I did not have the priviledge of  a graced background where popular fashion brands like Mark & Spencer, Pro Neo, Prada, Calvin Klein and a few others you'd mention,were known and worn. They'd found it a lot more convenient and economical to purchase for myself and my siblings a class of lowly priced wears (but durable though) popularly known as ''OK''.

My Early Role Models:

At this time,the truth is,I scarcely had any role model or sect of fashion enthusiasts I admired.  But again,there was My Dad,a man well  known for his elegant dress sense or culture. He'd taught me a lot about cloth wearing and maintenance.I remember being enthralled by how he would starch and iron his clothes, placing each to a fold at every joint,thus, giving them that rectangular shape when he'd let them open. As trivial as it may sound, it did inspire me and lets say, that's where my candle got lit up.

 How we Got Kicking:

Back at high school,I'd had a lot of admirers and persons who wanted me to do a bit of mentoring on how to wear stuff and how to get that done properly too.More so, having to explain these things over and over, on an individual basis to a few persons who were either fashion disoriented or just needed some additional style to their catalogue was becoming tiring and overbearing too. It was then I realized how special my style was and the need to sell it to the world out there.Hence, the inspiration for my fashion blog.

The Journey So Far:

Hitherto,its been quite an adventurous road for me in the fashion space with routine activities like sketching images and pulsing dress styles and concepts for my everyday. But, facing the world out there is far more challenging than being confused about the right dress to wear to an occasion,I must confess, because a whole lot of persons may find it so difficult to identify and come to terms with what I wear on a daily basis. But that's cool least it paints a unique picture. Though I must confess how hard it's been having to cope up with this ends but still, fun knowing how much people recommend and appreciate my style.

Thanks for reading....I'd also love to hear your own story and I'd be glad if you shared it at the comment section below.

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  1. More grease to your elbow bro
    I love this line
    "But durable popularly called OK" 🙆

  2. Lol....but it's quite durable you know even as the original brands. Thanks a lot bro.


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