Waist Belts - The Sash Belt Trend.

Waist Belts - The Sash Belts.  

Amongst most essential and very needed clothing accessories is the waist belt. This accessory could add that finishing touch to your outfit and also give colour to your wardrobe. So,whether classic or vintage,casual or corporate, even to street style, a waist belt is needed to indent that sense of completeness. They come in different materials like cloth,denim,plastic,leather and canvas.
I'd like to give much concentration to "a not too popular but minutely worn" type of waist belt known as the Sash Belt. This belt is known for its convenience and easy to wear qualities. All you need do is tie it perfectly on a body-over sheat dress. They certainly come in different colours and are sure to make you appear elegant in that simple but definitely not out of stlye appearance.

 A few clips are shown below :

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