Afri-Stripped Fabrics (Ankara) : The Legend of All Times.

 Afri-Striped Fabrics (Ankara) : The Legend of All Times.

Its some what intriguing the diverse history underlying the origin of the 'African Fabrics'.
I for one thought it was purely African, not until I got to learn from several sources via the Net that I've been living in a fairy tale all this while. Can you imagine? Anyways,this beautiful cloth made with handwritten motifs is alleged to have been brought into the continent through the Dutch merchants in the late 1800s,where they had found a large responsive market and later gained much popularity amongst surrounding African countries.
Okay,enough of the plenty history... beginning to feel bored already. Yea, back to business. The super exciting area of interest about these fabrics is that in the past six years and nearing a decade, they have become the  signature of everything "Afri - Fashion". From foot wares to accessories they have maintained a pioneer position in the  global fashion scene as they  symbolize everything   African and the African Heritage.
You'd also like to know that the Ankara Fabrics are cheap and affordable. No wonder its a large get across every class range of the society. Its quality of multifaceted styling is one to identify with.
 And now  there goes the saying "you always look good on Ankara". They always serve the purpose whether 
old or new , so all you need do is fit it on properly.

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