Weekend Fash Tips - How To Stay Ahead in Your Fashion Game.

Hello guys! Hope your weekend's got off to a great start. If you're reading this now, I'd love to welcome you to the first edition of my Weekend Fash Tips. Yea, so as cliche as today's Fash tips may sound, it's quite important we delve into it considering how often I get the question,''How do you keep up with your styles on a dailies''. This editorial, is every effort at adequately answering that question. More so,considering how up-to-date and adaptive to the current flows and styles of fashion people love to be, this editorial becomes even more expedient. That being said, I'd be outlining a few nuggets on how to stay forward and remain consistent on the slay side of life, lol.
Firstly, feel free to try on new stuff. This is quite very rudimentary to having a fun filled fashion life.
Secondly, be confident on every dress or attire you choose to put on. It places you on an edge amidst other Fashion enthusiasts. Music star and  fashion goddess, Rihanna, pretty much uses this style so well.

Thirdly, adopt a good ward robe/shopping plan.For me, I take special care in doing this as it affords me not just the opportunity to add up new stuff to my wardrobe but also keeps me on a balanced budget. Now that's essential for a longitudinal healthy fashion life. For instance, my personal policy is shopping at most twice every month and for crying out loud, it must not be at a boutique or big fashion store. Shopping at random outlets could also do the trick.
Fourthly, always learn how to cross-match your clothes. You give more color and a whole different outlook to a popularly known outfit of yours when you do this often.
Last but not the least, take a peep on the dress styles of very fashionable people. There's no crime in doing that. Reason being that most times,different fashion concepts enunciate a rebirth of new styles and trends in the fashion world.

 With these tips, you'd be sure to keep it a 100 in your fashion life and thus, putting you forward from the crowd.

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  1. Wonderful piece! You never disappoint

  2. I couldn't agree more with the cross matching tip, clothes last longer when we do this. Good one Providence

  3. Most certainly dear, they sure do last longer and even make you appear smarter. So glad I could get you to agree on this tip @Deborah Eche


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