Hello people!! Hope we you'll had a nice time during the Independence day celebration.Yea,guessed so. Please do forgive my inconsistent appearances these days. My laptop's been given me a lot of issues lately but...thank God we're here anyway. Now,down to the matter for the day.( lol,that sounded more like a talk show.) I'd like for us to first to understand the meaning of these two terms - Prints and Motifs. It may surprise you,that these terms are so closely attached, as one is a product of the other. Prints are a compendium of protein fingerprints while on the other hand, a motif itself is a collection of fingerprints. How that they have become very instrumental in the recent currents and constructs of fashion is my area of interest in this editorial. More vocal than it may appear is the fact its form has become a plausible tool for creativity and versatility in the production of all sorts of fabric which is also deserving of several accolades. Below are a few illustrations of some fabrics with special designs in its prints and motifs.

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