Given how symbolic and truly representative fashion has become,this editorial tells a story instructive of the African roots and her attendant struggles in the event of her blossoming into what beauty she now exudes.
   Style for me,is an avenue for self expression and it's much of a worthy feat seeing how many fashion enthusiasts are beginning to embrace this subtle quality of fashion by creating concepts very illustrative of societal stories and real life situations. this is the transformative power of fashion. 
In focus, is Africa, a continent known for its viability.Resourcefulness.Strength and resilience. But also to it,is it's bitter sad story of development and its travails during the imperialist rule. A scene I'd take exception to describing taking account of its bizarre features.My interest here however,though as instructive as it may appear is how that our sufferings have been the binding chords of our unity. 

Something that spurs rather than mars us. And a cognitive map of how better we must be;much better than the wrongs of yesterday. 

This is the inspiration of Black resilience and the model of her character. Hence, the symbol of black to me -resilience,bravery,stalwart and fearless and more still, the magic of being Black.  
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