Bandana Fever....!!

A triangular or square piece of clothing mostly tied around the head or worn around the neck popularly known as the Bandana(Bandanna) is an age long trend that has transcended with time. Another time focused editorial, just like my previous post(you could take a look at it later though). The couvre-chef as it were called in French, were basically made as head ties even though now it's usage may vary by culture or religion. Take for instance, the Bandana is worn as head dresses by the Malay men on special occasions like weddings by the grooms and the 'Pesilat'. Beginning to sound like a research student already(Lol). Anyways, the fun fact in the whole Bandana 'fin' is how it's become a 'place on all', especially around parts of the body like the wrists, neck, ankles ,thug fits on forehead, and even as perfect squares for pockets. For me though, it's quite a welcome feat since fashion speaks a universal language and feeds on trends per time.

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