The Afromaniac Series.

woh! I'm here again...finally. Was sad i never would. Had to sought out a few personal issues and the normal hassles of school resumption and all (by the way, I'd be sharing My First Day At School Experience on the blog too) that put together, have made me quite very unsteady at putting up new feeds. But not to worry,this time I got some really interesting content for you guys.
  For those of you who may have have noticed, I've been going vintage for some time as a delicate ploy in narrating Afro Style through vintage revamped imageries. Hence, the Afro Maniac Series.

This series, is an attempt at recreating an old folklore (Eze Goes To School), popular to every Nigerian, exposed to the Ancient African Literature.

 Here are a few more pictures to drive home the subject matter:

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