Hello everyone! Hope you'll doing good. Welcome to my second edition of Black Magic. On this editorial, I'd be taking out time to discuss the black color as relates to clothing and how to match them properly. I'd just like to point out a thing or two here. Black,being a very mutually inclusive color, could dabble into or with any other colored outfit.

But here's the thing,in spite of how flexible it may appear,it could also mar appearances. For example,it'd only mask the beauty of anyone who's dark skinned and trust me,you don't want to be in those shoes, Lol. However, its just the perfect whistle blower for someone who's light skinned.

So here's the thing about getting that black magic; you could mix it with any other colors, irrespective of skin color, but where you may want to wear an all black outfit, your body complexion should indeed be considered.

Same goes for most other colors too, whether maroon,burgundy,white, yellow and a countless bunch, to give you that look, like "Here I come" announcing your appearance.

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